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Arcadia Capital has been structuring and funding CRE transactions with integrity since 1999
Large or small, complex or simple, we will exceed your expectations!

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About us

Our only business is commercial real estate finance. No insurance. No retail banking. No Wall Street mumbo-jumbo. The entire staff at Arcadia Capital are the best in the industry at what they do all day everyday- commercial real estate finance. Experience is king- don't waste months of time and thousands of dollars on inexperienced lenders who promise the moon and can't deliver!

Why choose us?

4 Reasons: Honesty. Performance. Experience. Honesty.
Did we put honesty in there twice? Because, really, when your company has a loan that must get funded, who has time for a dishonest, inexperienced lender or broker to blow smoke up your... Ask Arcadia Capital today how we do business a better way.

Our Services

Arcadia Capital offers the entire spectrum of commercial real estate lending services to meet the needs of your business. We are experienced, prompt, and very capable.
Here are some of our core competencies:


Financing for all asset classes. Construction, bridge, or permanent loans. Small-balance portfolio loans to syndicated CMBS issuance for REITs. We fund them all.

Structured Finance

If you have a strong project that requires greater leverage, preferred equity through Arcadia Capital can make your deal happen.

Complex Transactions

Syndications. Limited Partnerships. Private REITs. Our experienced team of legal and real estate professionals can meet your needs.

Due Diligence

All aspects of due diligence including financial analysis, attorney opinion letters, setting up single purpose entities, and more.

Current Rates

Slam dunk or way out of the box... Arcadia Capital will deliver you a loan with the best rates and terms, period. Our management has been around the block in good times and bad- consistently earning our clients' trust and exceeding their expectations. Our programs and rates change often. For the fastest attention to your inquiry and the most accurate quote, please contact a Senior Underwriter directly to discuss your needs. The sample rates below are effective 12.01.17 and are subject to change without notice. Loans not available, and no solicitation is intended in the following states: CA, AZ, ND, SD, NE, NV, MD, MI, NY

Current spreads are 165-180bps
5yr fixed at 4.75%
As low as 7.99% on 85% CLTV

Meet Our Founder

Raymond Brenneman

After graduating from USC with a major in Political Science, I earned my JD from the Taft School of Law. While in my early 20s, I founded Arcadia Capital in Glendale, California. I am also active in various practice areas of the law, primarily concerning real estate, finance, and contracts. In the past, I have formerly held licenses as a securities dealer, real estate broker, and insurance agent. Today, I live in the beautiful Northwest and escape to the mountains for hiking and camping whenever possible. I really enjoy music of all kinds and am proud to say I am a terrible guitar player. I favor dogs (but I am willing to work with cat lovers). Having strong moral values such as honesty, kindness, and compassion are important to me so I am active in my local congregation.

Finding the right commercial real estate partner for your financing needs is, admittedly, a challenge. It is an industry that is prone to over-promise and under-deliver! Choosing an inexperienced or dishonest partner most often results in broken deals. I truly feel that Arcadia Capital can make a difference to your business. If you need commercial real estate financing, why not call me personally. I would welcome the chance to sit down over a cup of coffee or tea on my dime and see if Arcadia Capital is a good fit for you.

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701 Fifth Avenue
42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104-5119

(206) 855-6666

Our staff aims to always be available for our clients, even in the evenings and on weekends. For the fastest response, we recommend you call the number above. Otherwise please send us an email at the address above or use the form below. We monitor our emails 24/7.

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